Meet the Team

Rachel Gillespie

Director, Program Facilitator and Jewish Educator

“I’m a passionate believer in our common humanity and love working with young people to explore identity, belonging and diversity. I hope that, through our work, young people can develop a better understanding of people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. I know I have! 

I come from a Russian-Jewish, Southern USA background but have lived in Australia for most of my life. My parents were social justice activists in the Civil Rights movement in the USA and I inherited their passion.”

Kathryn Jones

Program Facilitator and Muslim Educator

Daniela Carbone

Muslim Educator

Soukaina Ztati

Muslim Educator

Faisal Bin Badar

Muslim Educator

Munazza Khan

Muslim Educator

Jacqui Weber

Christian Educator

Yana Goldshtein

Jewish Educator

Hi, my name is Yana. I am Jewish, born in USSR and raised in Israel, a wonderful combination  I believe in fusion, diversity and “live and let live!” I am excited to be a part of this wonderful team and deliver workshops that offer different outlooks on multiculturalism and creates opportunities for students to explore, question and better understand the mixture of society.

Louis Gillespie

Publicity & Social Media Officer