Believe, Belong and Blossom (BBB)

Abraham Institute's BBB program is a six Week Leadership Program for girls from culturally diverse backgrounds (90 minutes each) exploring:

  • Identity

  • Gender assumptions and stereotypes

  • Intercultural Understanding

  • Belonging

  • Thought work

  • Planning for the future

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The aims of the Believe, Belong and Blossom program includes:

  • For nominated students to develop intercultural understanding and communication skills, increased self-awareness and confidence, as well as feelings of connectedness with the other young women in the group and beyond.

  • For students to partake in experiential learning by participating in games, discussions, storytelling, skill development and through reflection activities about culture, communication, prejudice, justice/injustice, identities and values.

  • To increase the awareness of students about future career opportunities and possibilities