P2 Program for Years R-10

Abraham Institute's School Presentations, which are based on the Together for Humanity model, aim to assist with the development of children's Intercultural Understanding in South Australian Schools. Hatred and intolerance, or acceptance and respect, are learnt early. Prejudice and hatred dividing people who come from different cultural and religious backgrounds are a threat to a harmonious society in Australia. 

The Abraham Institute works in SA Schools to help young people learn to co-exist peacefully through intercultural understanding. 

CONTACT RACHEL NOW to be part of our successful P2 Schools program.

We'd love to come to your school and work with your students, exploring the ideas of belonging, values, respect, harmony and peace. Using activities and games, the P2 program gives students the opportunity to safely explore, demystify and dispel their own beliefs about themselves and each other, and creates greater intercultural awareness and peace.

Maisie leads small group discussion with a class of year 9s

Kathryn with a group of year 9s

Through P2 they learn through interaction and Q and A that there are many ways to be Australian and that it’s our shared values that make it so. They learn how important it is for each one of us to feel included and like we’re part of society. It will afford students the opportunity to meet Educators from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, maybe for the first time, and provide a safe space for them to ask our Educators about their cultures or religions.

Rachel discussing cultural assumptions

The P2 program covers the: Intercultural Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, and Personal and Social general capabilities. Furthermore, we arrange a suitable time to come to you at your school.

Kathryn and Rachel discuss what it means to be “Australian”

Due to government funding, our presentations are currently free of charge, as well. 

P2 workshops are perfect for Years R - 7 classes, and for Years 8 - 10 English, Culture and Heritage, Intercultural Understanding, Religion and Peace Studies to name a few.

Our programs intercultural framework addresses the following curriculum: 

General capabilities

Civics and Citizenship
Understanding and cooperation
Languages and cultural learning

Interfaith framework ( for independent schools or by request)